“Want To Unlock The Secrets To Insanely Good Fishing? “


Greg with a Barra caught on a hand made jerkbait

Fisheries Scientist Reveals: “If You’re Not Using Custom Lures You’re At A Massive Disadvantage”.

Fortunately, Almost Anyone Can Take Advantage Of Custom Lures… They Just Need To Know How!

G’day, I’m Greg “Doc Lures” Vinall and it’s great to have you here on my website. Since you found your way here you probably already know that I’m an insane aquatic scientist, mad lure maker, fishing author and speaker.

And I’m guessing you have a deep, burning desire is to tangle with some pretty massive fish, right? Great news, that’s 100 percent what this page is all about!

For most lure fisherman, consistently catching quality fish But sadly, that dream gets harder with each passing year. As the human population grows, so does the pressure on our fisheries. In heavily fished waters the fish see a lot of lures each year, which can make them extremely lure-shy. Let’s face it, big fish are smarter than ever. They have to be, or they don’t get to become big fish.

That’s just one reason why custom crankbaits are so deadly – fish don’t have a chance to become wise to them. And Wham! They nail them without hesitation, unlike most mass produced lures. Now you know why so many tournament pros pull out the custom crankbaits on the last day of a comp – to put more fish in the bag when it really counts.

So how does “Joe Average” get his mits on a bunch of awesome custom lures? Simple. He makes ’em!

Most fisherman have no idea that almost anyone can make custom wooden crankbaits that can out-fish commercial lures. You don’t need a massive pile of tools. You don’t need to be some kind of master craftsman. Once you know the secrets it’s quite easy to do sitting at your kitchen table.

So all that’s between you and a pile of massive fish is a little knowledge and some practice. And I’m about to give you a massive boost on the knowledge aspect. Inside of this website are detailed answers to the seven questions that I’ve been asked most often over a decade as a wooden lure authority.

To start your journey towards insane fishing just introduce yourself below and hit the “Get Instant Access” button. See you on the other side!


Greg “Doc Lures” Vinall

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