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Fisheries Scientist Reveals Why You’re Missing Out Big Time In Fresh And Salt Water If You Don’t Have Custom Lures…..

And How Anyone Can Make Their Own Lures That Fish Can’t Resist!

pintpicG’day, I’m “Doc Lures”. You probably know me as an insane aquatic scientist, mad lure maker, fishing author and speaker. But did you know I’ve also taught thousands of people the art of making deadly handmade lures?

I’m guessing you have a deep, burning desire to tangle with some pretty massive fish, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page.

But sadly, for most lure fishermen the opportunity for high-octane fishing gets more distant with each passing year. As the human population grows, so does the pressure on our fisheries. In heavily fished waters the fish see a lot of lures each year, which can make them extremely lure-shy.

And big fish don’t get big by being stupid……

For custom lure maker none of this is a problem. It’s impossible for fish to become educated about handmade lures, so custom crankbaits are deadly. Even the smartest fish nail them without hesitation! That’s why so many tournament pros pull out the custom crankbaits on the last day of a comp – to nail lure-shy fish when it really counts.

barra2But custom lures are expensive, so how does “Joe Average” get his mits on a bunch of handmade lures? Surprisingly easily. He makes ’em!

Most fisherman don’t realize how easy it is make custom wooden crankbaits that can out-fish commercial lures. You don’t need a massive pile of fancy tools. You don’t need a decked-out workshop. You don’t need special materials. And you certainly don’t need to be some kind of master craftsman. Once you know the secrets custom crankbaits become a snap!

So right now all that’s between you and a pile of massive fish is knowledge and a little practice. And I’m about to give you an insane knowledge boost (the practice is up to you). Inside this website you’ll find detailed answers to the seven custom lure questions I get asked the most – and they’ll set you on the path to success.

To start a life-changing journey of mind-blowing fishing just introduce yourself by submitting your email below. I’ll be waiting on the other side, so see you there!


Greg “Doc Lures” Vinall


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