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Please read this IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER before using the techniques outlined in my wooden luremkaing ebook:

The contents of this website are provided in good faith without any warranty as to correctness or suitability for any particular purpose. It is an information source and as such should only be treated as a guide. Any advice on this website is of necessity general in nature.

The lure making techniques provided herein have been used by me personally to make the lures shown on this website and in a number of eBook. However, as the success of your lure making is dependent on a number of factors that are beyond my control, including how well you follow the directions and your skill level in executing the lure making techniques, I can make no guarantee of the quality or effectiveness of your finished lures. What I can say is that these techniques work for me and with practice I am confident they will also work for you.

A number of the lure making operations carry the risk of personal injury. Whilst I make every reasonable effort to provide readers with the safest way to make lures, your personal safety is your sole responsibility and I cannot accept liability for injuries suffered whilst you are making lures using these techniques. Please familiarize yourself with safe work practices and wear appropriate personal protection, particularly if you will be using power tools for your lure making. When using such tools, always follow the manufacturers directions and ensure that all fences, guards and guides are properly fitted and functional before using your machinery. accepts no liability for any loss, damage or other consequences which may arise as a result of any person acting on or using the information, statements and opinions contained in this website.

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