Your Massive “Action Takers” Deal : Get Tons Of Bonus Lure Painting Tutorials, PLUS Personal Tuition!


Greg with a Barra caught on a hand made jerkbait

Shhhh!  The Crankbait Masterclass Action Takers Offer Is Definitely Not For The General Public (They’re Paying A LOT More)!

Squarebill Crankbaits This is not my usual, highly popular and successful Crankbait Masterclass Program!  It’s something extra special. With a TON of extra value for my hand-picked invitee’s!

Bonuses like personal, one-on-one help and advice from me, “Doc Lures”.  And lots of extra video tutorials about painting lures.

Yep, you’ll get all of those extras AND pay less than others are paying for the “normal” Crankbait Masterclass.

BUT: You Need To Act Before The Clock Runs Out


What To Expect In The First 30 Days……

Crankbait Masterclass Project: Zephyr Floater Diver

Day 1: Massive Lure Making Fix!

Within minutes of signing up, you’ll receive full access to the first 9 Crankbait Masterclass Lessons, plus you’ll get an email telling you how to access my top notch “Mastering Lure Painting” program.

Normally, folks get one  Masterclass lesson per week. And they don’t get access to “Mastering Lure Painting” at all. Not unless they sign up for it separately ($147 extra).

But not my Action Takers! You my friends go straight into the fast lane….

Masterclass Project 3: Gale Floating CrankbaitYou’ll start by making floater diver lure projects, learn to balance the weight in lure bodies,
get tips and tricks for preparing and painting wooden lure bodies, understand lure making timbers….. and a heap more.

Worried about getting overloaded? Don’t be! It’s not like school lessons, you don’t have to do everything at once – or at all! There’s no role call and there are no tests. Just pick and choose what interests you from each lesson and skip the rest – or go back and revisit them later.

After all, you have lifetime access to the content and updates as they become available. Think of it as a giant online lure making encyclopedia….. except it’s 100% flexible, contains tons of video and you can work at your own pace.

Days 7, 14 and 21: You’ll Get Lessons 10, 11 and 12!

Each week you’ll get an email reminder that the next Masterclass Lesson is ready to roll. You can log in to read the tutorials, watch the videos and print the templates…

Project 15: Square Billed crankbait for fishing heavy coverBy the time the first 30 days are over you’ll know how to make one of the deadliest morsels in the custom lure tacklebox: suspending jerkbaits. 90% of lure makers don’t have a clue how to make these – and that alone is worth the $49 membership fee!

You’ll also have learned how to make the holding and drying jigs that I use in my workshop to get flawless, professional clear coats on my lures.

Subscribe Now & Get 12 Lessons For The Price Of 4. Plus, Bonus Lure Painting Book, Bonus Painting Tutorials And Bonus Personal Support!

After The First 30 Days… What Follows?

Look, even if you only complete the first 30 days of this “Action Takers” program you’ll be laughing! You’ll have learned to make  lures that 90% of experienced lure makers have no clue how to make. But we’re only getting warmed up….. in fact, this is the point where things start getting really interesting!

And of course, you’ll get a copy of my popular lure painting book “Getting Started At Custom Painted Crankbaits” (value $29.95) in the mail with my compliments……

Crankbait Masterclass Project 16: Balsa flat-sided crankbait with textured foil finishIn Weeks 5 – 12  we cover jointed and lipless crankbaits. Plus, we’ll learn some more advanced finishing techniques, like textured foil. It’s a great way to add a flashy, realistic scale-like appearance. We’ll add different kinds of rattles to create noise and vibration. And for those who have picked up an airbrush we’ll start using transparent paints to full effect.

crankbait-masterclass-project-22-ultra-silent-crawfishIn Weeks 13 – 24 we’ll delve even deeper….. literally. We’ll comprehensively cover that area that stumps so many lure makers – serious deep diving lures! Plus we’ll make some flat sided and square bill crankbaits and learn some advanced techniques. Like weight shift lures, for instance, that cast like bullets but still have perfect actions. We’ll get pretty fancy with home made diving lips, too.

Weeks 25 – 36 are about seriously cool lures that no-one else even attempts. But I’m going to show you just how simple they can be. Wooden rattlebaits in sizes from micro to jumbo. Incredible stealthy, ultra-silent cranks that get aggressive reaction strikes. Micro crankbaits, lipless flutterbaits and lures with relief carved fins and gills are all on the agenda. Plus, we do some advanced foil finishes, go through the options for hard, durable clear coats, learn to paint craw patterns and even make a steel framed crankbait.rattlebait-masterclass

Weeks 37 – 44 
are the final weeks of the program. And as you’ve come to expect, we turn the heat up even higher with tricky lyres and really cool paint jobs. Specialist trolling lures, oversized jerkbaits and a little wakebait with an internal “hunting” mechanism round off the designs. And in the paint department we cover flames, pumpkinseed bluegills, dolphinfish and a spectacular craw pattern.

Subscribe Now! Do The First 12 Lessons (For The Price Of Four). Plus Get All The Bonus Goodies! Cancel Any Time, No Minimum Commitment!

Summary Of What’s Covered:


Now, About All That Bonus Stuff……

Prepare to be blown away!

The Crankbait Masterclass is already amazing value….. but for this special deal I’ve taken things to the next level! During the webinar I mentioned three bonuses you’d get if you sign up today (before the clock runs out):


Just A Few Of The Patterns You’ll Get Video Airbrush Tutorials For…


Special Offer: Join The Crankbait Masterclass & Get A Bonus Lure Painting Course & Book!

Best Of All, It’s ZERO Risk To You!

ebook-guaranteeI understand that not everyone wants to take their lure making to the highest level, and that’s 100% fine. So there are no contracts when you join the Crankbait Masterclass, and I don’t force you to lock in for a minimum time. You can cancel your subscription…. and you’ll still get ongoing access to the lessons you’ve already completed – you just won’t get new lessons. PLUS, you’ll get access to future updates and will get to keep your copy of “Getting Started With Custom Painted Crankbaits”!

What if you decide that the Crankbait Masterclass is not for you? We’ll send me an email in the first 30 days. I’ll refund 100% of your fees with a smile, no questions asked.


But You Need To Get In FAST!

I’ve made this offer today because you are an action taker…. so the odds are that you’ll become an awesome lure maker. But if you want to get all of these great bonuses thrown in then you need to take action again! Right Now!

Because time is running out to join the next intake of Crankbait Masterclass members!

Subscribe To The World’s Premier Lure Making Resource Now! Offer Expires Soon!

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Become An Expert Wooden Lure Maker And Painter With Bonus Content & Personal Support From The Doc!

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