Scientist & Insane Lure Maker Reveals: 

“My Secret: The Fast, Fun, Reliable Way To Experience  Next-Level Fishing…… In 12 Days (Or Less)!”


“Even A Complete Novice Can Quickly Experience The Kind Of Fishing Normally Only Accessible To The Fishing Elite!”


pintpicG’day, I’m “Doc Lures”.

What if I told you there’s a fast, reliable way to understand fish, lures and how to connect the two of them together? One that’s taken keen fisherman all over the world to stunning new levels?

And what if that fast track to fishing success was cheap, a heap of fun, incredibly rewarding and could even save you a packet on tackle?

Do I have your attention?

Look, there’s no such thing as a silver bullet. It will always take practice and time on the water to become a seriously good lure fisherman. But there is definitely a hard way and an easy way to get there……. and I’ll show you a way that’s accessible to any lure fisherman, right here, right now!

barra2Have you ever considered making your own incredibly effective, high quality lures?

Most folks don’t realize that simple, easy to make crankbaits can often out-fish commercial lures. You don’t need a massive pile of fancy tools. You don’t need a decked-out workshop. You don’t need special materials. And you certainly don’t need to be some kind of master craftsman. Anyone can do this.

In fact, right now all that’s between you and a pile of massive fish is knowledge and practice. And I’m about to give you the knowledge (the practice is up to you). I’ve created a FREE short course that will have even the newest of newbies making incredibly effective fish catching lures in just 12 days (or even less).

To start a life-changing journey of mind-blowing fishing just introduce yourself by submitting your email below. I’ll be waiting on the other side, see you there!


Greg “Doc Lures” Vinall


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